Kirsty Jackson

Yoga classes in Chester, Cheshire

Why Exercise with us?

Hello and welcome to Kirsty Jackson Yoga in Chester. I'm a very experienced teacher offering a range of Yoga including classes, one to ones and small groups, private and corporate. I also run workshops and teach at events and festivals nationwide.

I aim to make yoga fun, accessible and enriching for all of my students. Each class is structured to offer an all round holistic work out using phys
... ical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation. The classes develop flexibility and strength in equal measures with an emphasis on developing weaker areas of the body to strengthen and bring balance to the body, easing aches, pains and reducing risk of injury. I also include some vinyasa practice (sequencing postures with the breath) which develops all over body conditioning and toning and works cardiovascularly improving strength and stamina and developing flexibility. The beauty of yoga is that it is unique to each individual so everyone can work at a pace that suits them affording them the most benefits. I offer modification and progressions so each person can choose the right challenges for them.

I hope to meet you in class soon!

For more information please contact me directly using the enquiry form. I also have a Facebook page "Yoga Chester" which is regularly updated with yoga related articles.
DBS Insured By: BWOY

DBS: Yes
Insured By: BWOY
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